Roof Maintenance

Residential and commercial roof maintenance for all of Honolulu

Roofing of an apartment complex by Rainbow Roof


Rainbow Roof Maintenance offers residential and commercial roof maintenance services. We can prolong the life of your roof by as much as 15 to 20 years. Due to Hawaii's damaging rays and weather, re-roofing is often done every 10-12 years after a roof installation. Our maintenance services are green and good for the environment and will also save you some green. You can save thousands of dollars in the long run.


We perform maintenance services on all types of roofs. We will come to your home or business and analyze your roof's condition. Our roofing professionals can repair any leaks your roof may have. We'll re-nail and replace missing shakes and seal leaky pipes or vents. Our services also include replacing gravel, sealing cracks in coatings, and re-coating worn and ponding areas. Once we finish your roof renovation, we'll begin providing our maintenance services on a semi-annual or annual basis. The preventative maintenance program can be upgraded as needed over the lifetime of your roof.

We will repair any new leaks, if necessary, at no cost! You can renew our maintenance programs repeatedly, which will greatly extend the life of your roof. Rainbow Roof Maintenance will also give you records of the roof maintenance inspections and roof leak repairs that we perform on your home or business. Why buy a new roof sooner than you need to? Contact Rainbow Roof Maintenance to schedule an appointment so we can evaluate your roof. 

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